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Jump around!

24 Aug

So, what inspires you?
I get most of my inspiration off the internet. I normally have a rough idea, but will look for examples on the good old interwebs.
And then I often go for the complete opposite! It’s my thing, jumping from subject to subject. And now, I can show it to you.
See, I painted my nails white and then decided it was probably better to do a trial run on my nail wheel thingy. and that’s where it all went a bit sideways.
Somehow, my idea of a dotted pattern moved a bit and I ended up with a rose, dots, Paisley and a skull?!
Needless to say, my nails at this point are still crispy white.



Delft blue

22 Aug

I was planning to do a water color floral as I have a pretty good idea what my Dress Down Friday outfit will be.
Well… I guess I have to rethink that one because I took a wrong turn on the road to water color floral town, ending up in Delft blue. So, tomorrow I will be rocking some Dutch heritage inspired nails! ๐Ÿ™‚



Little boat trip

15 Aug

I am actually writing this during a boat trip! My brother and I went to visit one of the Dutch islands today, and with my new dotting tools arriving earlier this week, I just had to do a sort of nautical little thing with the good old nails!
After much trial and error, I settled on matte light blue with a multi blue edge and a pearl.
It’s sweet, it’s nice, but I can’t guarantee there’s not going to be additional anchors, mermaids or random craziness when I get home. I am on holiday after all!!


A promise is a promise

11 Aug

bout a week or so ago my colleague saw a picture of the clouds nail on my wheel-thingy. We discussed the possibilities. When I say “discuss”, I mean more of a clapping-hands-let-your-imagination-run-free excitement that you normally see in a 4 year old. Well, my imagination, because I thought it would be too cute to do a My Little Pony theme! She agreed. And then I topped it by saying “no! CAREBEARS!” ย To which she agreed even more.
So, here I am. Yesterday’s Saturday Night Fever has turned slightly over to Sunday hang over (the polish doesn’t hold very well), so my hands could do with some happy.
I have to say, I’m pretty pleased!

Martine, this one’s for you.






sparkles flying!

10 Aug

When it comes to glitter vs clean-up, I tend to tip to the “can’t be bothered to spend ages soaking it off” side. I do have some great looking glitters in my collection, but so far they’ve only met my toes.
That is until now, because I found out that one of those peel-off basecoats does wonders when you don’t have much time for a soak! There are some downsides to the basecoat, but for glitters this is my new friend!
So, no longer limited by my own laziness, I went all out on an aqua-esk nail extravaganza. It was great, it was lovely, it was deep! ๐Ÿ˜›
But then, dilemma struck!
While out in the home town with the hubby, I went into one of those shops you pass by but never go in.
I should go in more often, because I found a wonderful polish I just HAD to try.
So I peeled off the blue’s, and went all disco with the new polish. It’s wonderful, dries quickly, covers well.
The only problem was the texture. It’s like sanding paper, so it took me 3 layers of topcoat (which I really should stock up more!) before I had the surface smooth enough to do a simple nail art. Once again, my thoughts seemed to be dictated by “flow-ers!” chanting… why so narrow minded?!
Close enough, I chose the French Lily after some twirl trial and errors. I only did one thumb as a feature, and left the others in full disco modus. Every time I look at my nails I can hear the boogie!

IMG_3969 IMG_3973

I heart the forest

1 Aug

Ever had something look absolutely suitable at night, but not so much the next morning in broad daylight? I decided to do a green gradient last night, which I thought looked very subtle and pretty. Had a bit of a silk fabric look about it (the pic doesn’t really do it justice), somehow it channeled H&M to me. Yeah, I’m weird like that sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, waking up this morning, I still LOVED the look but you know, work and all that… I know we’re in the middle of summer holidays and my wardrobe is reflecting a bit of the casual side, but still. Maybe tone it down a bit. Too bad, cos this was a great base to go all out on a little forest fest!
Chucked a white striper and the dark green from the gradient in my bag and the waiting began. Lunchtime never took so long to get here ๐Ÿ˜›

Completely thrown by the time it took to do 1 nail, I ended up only having enough time to do 1 hand + thumb. I think I’ll hide my leftie for the remainder of the afternoon!, and seriously show off the right hand. I really โค the result!!!



** edit ** ย Leftie is has joined the green hearts party now, too!



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