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Power to the pink

27 Nov

I guess pink has got a hold on me! Blue has been kicked off its throne, there’s a new ruler of the nails. Pink.
I only have 2 OPI’s, which I hardly ever wear. I tend to save them for times when I need my polish to last, which in all fairness is…. Never. I’m a one day polish kinda gal, I hate chipped or otherwise damaged colours and I easily get bored.
But, desperate times…. I just don’t have the time nowadays, with work, school and trying to hang on to what is left of my social life 😉
There it was. My OPI moment. Aphrodite’s pink nightie.
Well, I found out Aphrodite’s nightie does not excite me much, so she met some stripes and it was a happy ever after!
Oh. And meet my cute little spotlight!!




Oh My Sweetness!

22 Nov

It’s not exactly Valentine’s Day anytime soon, but somehow I was in the mood for hearts today. Pink and hearts can it be any sweeter?
It’s easy to do, you just cut a heartshape out of any random piece of paper, make it wet, stick it on your nails and start dotting around it. Try not to touch the paper, as the dots might stick to the paper more than on your nails that way.
When finished, remove the paper. If it’s dried to such an extend you run the risk of it not letting go, make it wet again and it will come off like a charm!




I’m really loving the effect, come Christmas I might do something angel-inspired like this. I’m thinking whites and silvers…..

Post – epic fail entry

18 Nov

Yesterday’s attempt was an absolute disaster. Not just the way it looked… it just didn’t want to dry. As a result, it became somewhat of a Picasso knock off. Not good.
But through that fail, I did know fairly quickly I wanted to do a star mani. A green star mani. So, with some time on my hands today, a green mani it became.
Now, my nails are in an appallingly bad state and keeping a smooth surface just isn’t possible at the moment, so please excuse the bubbles. I really need to go see a professional! 🙂  Payday, don’t keep me waiting! 😛




A simple Sunday night thing

10 Nov

Until September, I’ve kept my nails pretty low key on working days, with the occasional exception for casual Fridays.
Until September, because that’s when I took part in my first ever challenge. Work nails will never be the same again. I now even have my manager (our VP) asking to see my nails. So, where before I toned it down after the weekend, tonight I found myself obliged to do something to jazz them up a bit. Just a bit though. I’m not quite comfortable with rainbow Mondays yet 🙂


The design isn’t mine, Facebook is another great source for inspiration!


Pink party!

1 Nov

Take 2 on the pink party!! I did a gradient which… How do I put this… Did not turn out quite as fabulous as I imagined it 🙂
As I’m still experimenting with the striping tape, this disaster was quickly switched to something I rather like. Super easy, takes a bit of time but the effect is worth it. It might not be very original but who cares!


Something pink

1 Nov

With all that blue, it was time to throw in some pink! I like the contrast between pink and grey, so I decided on a grey base and a very simple glitter and dots pink pattern. Nothing special, really.
So tonight, I’ll be redoing my nails. Pinky swear.




Nail polish? Yes, please!

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