A simple Sunday night thing

10 Nov

Until September, I’ve kept my nails pretty low key on working days, with the occasional exception for casual Fridays.
Until September, because that’s when I took part in my first ever challenge. Work nails will never be the same again. I now even have my manager (our VP) asking to see my nails. So, where before I toned it down after the weekend, tonight I found myself obliged to do something to jazz them up a bit. Just a bit though. I’m not quite comfortable with rainbow Mondays yet πŸ™‚


The design isn’t mine, Facebook is another great source for inspiration!



Pink party!

1 Nov

Take 2 on the pink party!! I did a gradient which… How do I put this… Did not turn out quite as fabulous as I imagined it πŸ™‚
As I’m still experimenting with the striping tape, this disaster was quickly switched to something I rather like. Super easy, takes a bit of time but the effect is worth it. It might not be very original but who cares!


Something pink

1 Nov

With all that blue, it was time to throw in some pink! I like the contrast between pink and grey, so I decided on a grey base and a very simple glitter and dots pink pattern. Nothing special, really.
So tonight, I’ll be redoing my nails. Pinky swear.




27 Oct

I love this one. It’s not perfect, some colours have run and some checkers aren’t quite square, but still. The colours work well together and it’s a design I can wear to work tomorrow.


I should really do something pink/purple soon, blue has been the domineering colour on my nails recently! Next one will be pinkish, promise!
I’ll try and update my blog on Thursdays from now on. Time really isn’t my friend at the moment, having a full-time job, just started a bachelor’s degree and those everyday responsibilities that come with adulthood and homeownership. Oh, how a time machine would come in handy!!


Going all Bob Ross on my nails ;)

8 Oct

Autumn has arrived in my little country. And seeing as I have time off work as well as a massive cold, it is only logical I spend some time on my nails.
Autumn, a time of trees. And that brings me to Bob Ross. Painting trees never was so simple, according to the groovy dude with the fuzzy afro.
And he was right. All you need is a tiny little sponge, tweezers, a thin brush and some polish in offwhite, grey and green.
After laying down the base of offwhite, I sponged the grey in random spots over the base (much easier to hold the sponge with the tweezers!), creating the autumn sky. Then with the brush, through little tent-like strokes, created the pine trees. Top coat and you’re done. Easy πŸ™‚




#31DC2013 Day 31: the grande finale

30 Sep

Time flies. Day 31, the closing scene of the challenge. So, before I start, I want to say a big big Thank You to Chalkboard Nails for setting up the challenge. It was great, it was hard, but most of all, it was fun and very inspiring! I’ve seen so many designs that made my jaw drop! So, congratulations to all participants and again, thank you Chalkboard Nails!!!

Day 31’s theme was Honour nails you ❀

I went through my folder of saved images over the years and came across thisΒ lovely stuff. Thank God for Google’s new Image Search as otherwise I’d never be able to reference it!!! Oops!

As for the design, I thought it would be easy, but this design is actually a lot harder than I thought. The fact that it was my left hand doesn’t really help either! I do like it though, it’s so summery and happy, reminds me of fruit (kiwi’s and strawberries) and a whole lot of happiness.



Now that the challenge is complete and my nails are stained like no nail should ever be ;), I think I’ll do some redesigning of my blog and have a professional manicure.
I’ll be back soon, hang in there my dear dear followers! You are all very much appreciated!!!!

#31DC2013 Day 30: Inspired by a tutorial

29 Sep

I generally watch tutorials when I see new techniques pop up and I have no idea what they are (I should still look up “decal” cos I have no clue!), more than for design inspirations. But a while back, I stumbled upon Robin Moses’ youtube channel and I was deeply impressed.
She creates amazing things, things I can only dream of doing one day.
I’ve stuck to most of the tutorial. The biggest difference is the use of material. Often acrylic paint is used and though I have a huge collection of paints, I somehow don’t feel the two should mix. So, instead I use nail polish for everything.
The other change I made was the amount of butterflies. As I don’t have very long nails, I simply couldn’t fit the design as is. Other than that, I stuck to the awesome design as per the tutorial πŸ™‚







Nail polish? Yes, please!

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