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Sometimes you just have to.

6 Dec

My first final is coming up so all I see in between work is my bed (thankfully!) and my study books. With the exception of yesterday as my lovely husband took me on a surprise night out.
But apart from that, books-summaries-books. And more books.
Tonight, I had one of those “no more!”moments. And, with a selection of some awesome polishes within reach, it wasn’t hard to find a purpose for my newly found though temporary freedom! This is however a prime example of my inability to stick to a plan…. Here’s what was meant to be a white base with a string of Christmas lights. I rest my case. 🙂



Post – epic fail entry

18 Nov

Yesterday’s attempt was an absolute disaster. Not just the way it looked… it just didn’t want to dry. As a result, it became somewhat of a Picasso knock off. Not good.
But through that fail, I did know fairly quickly I wanted to do a star mani. A green star mani. So, with some time on my hands today, a green mani it became.
Now, my nails are in an appallingly bad state and keeping a smooth surface just isn’t possible at the moment, so please excuse the bubbles. I really need to go see a professional! 🙂  Payday, don’t keep me waiting! 😛





27 Oct

I love this one. It’s not perfect, some colours have run and some checkers aren’t quite square, but still. The colours work well together and it’s a design I can wear to work tomorrow.


I should really do something pink/purple soon, blue has been the domineering colour on my nails recently! Next one will be pinkish, promise!
I’ll try and update my blog on Thursdays from now on. Time really isn’t my friend at the moment, having a full-time job, just started a bachelor’s degree and those everyday responsibilities that come with adulthood and homeownership. Oh, how a time machine would come in handy!!


#31DC2013 day 4: green simplicity

4 Sep

I have to admit, I was a bit sad to see Big Bird go. But! No rest for the challenged, we have to move on.
Green day, and surprisingly tricky to think of something. I was planning on a leaf kind of pattern but I already came across a few already for today’s theme. Instead, I am sending good luck out to all of you #31DC2013 -ers!! 4 down, and still plenty of fun and excitement to go! Enjoy and good luck!!


I heart the forest

1 Aug

Ever had something look absolutely suitable at night, but not so much the next morning in broad daylight? I decided to do a green gradient last night, which I thought looked very subtle and pretty. Had a bit of a silk fabric look about it (the pic doesn’t really do it justice), somehow it channeled H&M to me. Yeah, I’m weird like that sometimes 🙂

Anyway, waking up this morning, I still LOVED the look but you know, work and all that… I know we’re in the middle of summer holidays and my wardrobe is reflecting a bit of the casual side, but still. Maybe tone it down a bit. Too bad, cos this was a great base to go all out on a little forest fest!
Chucked a white striper and the dark green from the gradient in my bag and the waiting began. Lunchtime never took so long to get here 😛

Completely thrown by the time it took to do 1 nail, I ended up only having enough time to do 1 hand + thumb. I think I’ll hide my leftie for the remainder of the afternoon!, and seriously show off the right hand. I really ❤ the result!!!



** edit **  Leftie is has joined the green hearts party now, too!



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