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Oh My Sweetness!

22 Nov

It’s not exactly Valentine’s Day anytime soon, but somehow I was in the mood for hearts today. Pink and hearts can it be any sweeter?
It’s easy to do, you just cut a heartshape out of any random piece of paper, make it wet, stick it on your nails and start dotting around it. Try not to touch the paper, as the dots might stick to the paper more than on your nails that way.
When finished, remove the paper. If it’s dried to such an extend you run the risk of it not letting go, make it wet again and it will come off like a charm!




I’m really loving the effect, come Christmas I might do something angel-inspired like this. I’m thinking whites and silvers…..


A promise is a promise

11 Aug

bout a week or so ago my colleague saw a picture of the clouds nail on my wheel-thingy. We discussed the possibilities. When I say “discuss”, I mean more of a clapping-hands-let-your-imagination-run-free excitement that you normally see in a 4 year old. Well, my imagination, because I thought it would be too cute to do a My Little Pony theme! She agreed. And then I topped it by saying “no! CAREBEARS!” ┬áTo which she agreed even more.
So, here I am. Yesterday’s Saturday Night Fever has turned slightly over to Sunday hang over (the polish doesn’t hold very well), so my hands could do with some happy.
I have to say, I’m pretty pleased!

Martine, this one’s for you.






If at first you don’t succeed….

31 Jul

You kind of have to wait for at least Dress Down Friday before you can try again, in my case. But water lilies really can’t wait that long, not when they are planted in my mind!
I have no idea why I am so fascinated by the water lily. Well… Fascinated and frightened, because once I got my clear nail wheel thingies out, I spent half my evening avoiding getting started on anything water-related. Instead, I made a very cute sky-and-clouds nail and a dodgy zebra-esk whatever it may be.
And then, somehow all of a sudden the leaf (what’s that type of leaf called in English? I only know it as a “plompeblad”, and I’m not sure if that’s even the name in Dutch!) appeared and I knew I had to push through. I wasn’t planning on doing black outlines, as it tends to look more like a paint-by-the-numbers, but in this case it seemed to work quite well.
Half way through the lily I wasn’t sure, but all in all, I think it looks a whole lot better than attempt #1, right?
Water lily: check!
What will be next? Suggestions?



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